About Us

IslamicAppz is passionate about Islam, and we aim to enhance the daily experience of Muslim Community through technology and spread the word of Allah all over the world. To fulfill this purpose, we offer a variety of Islamic applications which are compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems.

Our Islamic Dua App has Duas for all occasions so you can save your favorite prayer to remember Allah any time of the day. With the Salah timings and Qibla compass application, you can perform prayers graciously anywhere anytime. You can have the holy Quran in your phone both online and offline. You can also read individual Surahs and Parahs alongside their English translation and bookmark your favorite Surahs and share them with your loved ones. With our Tasbih – Dhikr application set Tasbih titles, targets and reminders to make praying easier every time. No matter where you are in the world you can locate your nearest mosque with our Smart Mosque Finder. Use our Ramadan countdown application to set reminders with colorful backgrounds.

These are a must have apps for any Muslim looking forward to enhance their Islamic spirituality, excess holy Quran, set their Ramadan Countdown, seamlessly finding the nearest mosques, and much more.